Studio Policies

Looking at studio policies
Aviva Singing Studio is owned and operated by Lecia Robertson.  Member of Anats and Music Teachers Online. Contact:  0429 871504

A smooth running studio needs terms and conditions. When you book, you accept these policies:

Cancellations are to be made at least 24 hours in advance or fees may incur. 


  • Students who pay in advance for the term are given preference for makeup lessons.

  • Due to time constraints, some makeup lessons might be offered online.

  • Students who regularly cancel at the last minute or fail to show up for lessons will lose their regular time slot.

  • Students who pay upfront are given a 10% discount in exchange for their commitment. There are no refunds unless due to teacher cancellation with no makeup.

  • Fees are to be paid by the first lesson of the term if being paid up front, or before each lesson if you wish to pay as you go. 

  • Leaving the studio: If you wish to give up your regular singing lessons, I require two week's notice regardless of payment method.

  • Students are required to behave respectfully towards the teacher and other students. This includes being quiet in the waiting area and encouraging each other during rehearsals and concerts.

  • If they choose to do eisteddfods or exams, students are required to learn their songs from memory at least 2 weeks prior. Sometimes additional lessons will be required.

The Teacher:

  • Will use my experience and knowledge to my best ability to provide you with lessons designed especially for you

  • Provide a safe, private environment to explore your singing

  • Offer makeup lessons when cancellations have been made with reasonable notice (more than 24hrs). If I cannot offer a makeup in person, we can have an online lesson. I do not give refunds for lessons missed.

  • If I must cancel and cannot make up the lesson, I will credit you at the next invoice.

  • Give support to students to enter exams and eisteddfods.

  • May require students to purchase music or workbooks at my recommendation. I will guide you through this process or when possible sell them to you for no personal profit.

  • Arrange performance opportunities for the student in a low-stress setting. Sometimes these will be performed with a microphone to backing tracks and sometimes with live accompaniment and acoustically to give students the opportunity to experience different scenarios

  • May ask a student to wait before preparing certain songs or not perform them publicly for a while. This could be for technical reasons or because a song is inappropriate as far as lyrics or music goes for the age of the student. 

  • Keep an open mind and consider the choices of songs and genre of the student.