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Q: Do you teach beginners?

A: Yes, I really enjoy working with beginners to advanced.Every student has

different natural abilities and challenges, it is always fun and interesting.

Q: Do you teach children? From what age?

A: Yes! I love working with children. It is surprising how much they can learn

from a young age. How young depends on the child. A really keen child can

learn singing from 4. I am very careful with their young voices and we focus on basic musicality, breathing and connecting their breath and voice. We sing lots of age appropriate songs and generally have fun.

Q: I am tone deaf. Can I learn to sing in tune?

A: Almost definitely. Less than 2% of the population is unable to learn to sing in tune. For some it takes longer than others. It depends on why you struggle to sing in tune. Usually it is not as bad as you think.

Q: Am I too old to start singing?

A: You are never too old to start singing. Singing is good for your heart and lungs and especially for your sense of well being. Not everyone can become a professional singer but they still should sing. It's a natural function and form of expression. What's more, it's really fun.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Bring a folder, a notebook, a USB stick and your imagination. If you have any sheet music for your songs, that is helpful but it's not absolutely necessary. Try to think of a song you can sing to me. Something you like to sing at home or even Happy Birthday will do. This gives me a chance to see how well you sing naturally and which areas need some help. You are encouraged to record your lessons so bring your phone or a recorder too.

Q: How much are private lessons?

A: $90/hr, $45 for 30mins, $ 67.50 for 45mins. Partner lessons with 2 - 3 students are also available. Please enquire for these prices. 

Q: How often do I need lessons?

A: Every week if possible. Just like piano lessons or sport training, regular tuition and practise will show good results. It takes a MINIMUM of 12 weeks to create a new good habit with WEEKLY lessons AND diligent practice. Often it is longer. You must be patient with yourself.

Q: Do I have to practise? 

A: Yes. If you want to make good progress, regular, diligent practice is essential. If you don't practise at home, I will help you to practise in your lesson. I will not berate you or tell you off for not practising. Singing lessons are fun but you will get more out of your lessons if you complete your homework and practise. If you have a young child having singing lessons, helping them set a regular practise time and to do their homework will also give them a sense of achievement as they see the results of their work. There are many lessons in this simple task but they cannot do it by themselves at first. They won't know where to start.

Q: When do I pay?

A: There are three options: In cash on the day, in advance in by bank transfer or in advance for the term. For this last option, I will give you a 10% discount, preference for makeup lessons and one last minute cancellation concession.

Q: What if I must cancel?

A: I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. This is to allow for rescheduling and offering lessons to students without a regular slot. Cancellations on the day have a fee applicable (usually half) and less than 3 hours notice or no show, the FULL FEE applies. For more details see Terms and Conditions. I understand that emergencies happen and occasionally, I will waive the fee at my discretion - especially for people who rarely cancel or if I find I can fill the time slot. 

Q: If you are an Opera Singer must I sound like that too?

A: Only if that is the direction you wish to take. I have studied voice production for various genres. It takes many years to develop the operatic sound and the ability to sing above a huge orchestra without a microphone. Sometimes I might encourage you to explore that sound because it opens up your voice and allows you to access more range and power. Then you can add on whatever special effects you like. All singers are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone and try different genres. It is how we develop as artists.

Q: I can't read music. Does that matter?

A: Not at all. You soon will. I encourage all my students to use sheet music as well as singing by ear. First you will learn to read your song lyrics from the music. Then you will learn more about what all those dots on the page are. Pretty soon you will be recognising tunes and rhythms too.

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Aviva Singing Studio is owned and operated by Lecia Robertson.  Member of Anats and Music Teachers Online. Contact:  0429 871504
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