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Schedule of Fees

Private Lessons:

1 hour    $90

45 mins $67.50

30 mins  $45

Partner Lessons (2 -3 together)

1 hour    $50 each

45 mins $35 each

30 mins $25 each

Packages of 10 lessons @ 10% discount

Group Singing Classes:

$180 pp per term

Group Voice for Teachers: 

10 weeks @ $250

kids singing together

Private lessons are for those who want to really learn how to sing with a program tailored to their individual needs and goals. They include musicianship and aural skills as well as preparation for Exams, Eisteddfods, and Professional Shows. Private students are encouraged to also join a group class at a reduced rate. 

Partner lessons are for those who want the private lesson experience, with a friend and the saving associated.

Group Classes include  information about voice care and warm ups as well as some breathing exercises. Then a focus on group singing with solos available for those who are keen. These are social and fun with an emphasis exploring your voice and on confidence building. 

Please see cancellation policy here

BEST decision ever!
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