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Today is the day to take the plunge and sign up for singing lessons! But what to expect?


You will get:

  • lessons tailored to your specific needs. In your first lesson, we will look at the areas which need work for you and together we will discuss what you want to achieve and plan your lessons to meet those needs.

  • a fun, safe environment to learn singing with a solid technical basis taught through encouragement and games.

  • to have my full understanding of any difficulties you might have with singing. I have had many challenges too. 

  • your confidence to grow as you find singing easier.

  • to learn how to analyse your own singing and troubleshoot for yourself so you are not dependent on me.

  • to learn to understand music

  • a chance to perform in a low-pressure setting. Do exams and eisteddfods if you wish.


You will learn:

  • Body alignment and body mapping including the anatomy of the vocal mechanism and how it works.

  • Breathing. First of relaxed natural breathing (harder than you think) and then we will work on building your breath stamina, control of airflow and connection to the voice in both speech and singing.

  • Warm up techniques and ways to practise to optimize your investment.

  • Exercises to increase your connection, range, emotional input and explore various colours.

  • Songs. Some of my choice to help develop your voice and stretch your ability and some of your choice. Sometimes you will be given short songs as an exercise only and sometimes foreign language songs.

  • Performance techniques. Finding gestures and bringing out the meaning in your songs.

  • Microphone technique and understanding all those funny dots on the page. 

  • Preparing for an audition and how to approach the panel, pianist and even the person meeting you at the door. 

  • How to deal with your nerves when you have to sing and focus your mind and breathing.

  • Practical things like how to purchase music and choose the correct key from an online shop such as Music Notes.


Aviva Singing Studio operates from three locations: in my home studio, in Clagiraba on the Gold Coast, in Nerang and in Mullumbimby. Currently, I am in Mullumbimby on Mondays, where I have a permanent studio with lots of fun equipment. Thursdays and Saturdays are at my home studio. Spaces in both studios are limited.


I work with both children and adults and I don't profess to be an expert in all genres (Classical and Music Theatre are my specialities), but I can help anyone set up good technical foundations to be applied in your favourite genre. I have an open mind! I can also support you to explore different kinds of sounds safely. Just because I am an Opera Singer, it doesn't mean you have to be too. Rock and Metal singers are welcome too.


By developing your whole voice through vocal cross training with more than one vocal quality, you increase your range, power and flexibility. Once you are achieving some breath coordination and connection, we work on different colours and build your vocal toolbox.  We will also apply this to suitable repertoire.


We can do basic sight reading and before you know it those funny dots on the page will make sense to you. I also offer students performance opportunities and the chance to do exams and eisteddfods.

Unlock your talent
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