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Tone Deaf?

An untrained voice is like an untrained horse
Sometimes taming your voice is like taming a wild stallion. Hard work but so worth it in the end.

Did you know that being truly tone deaf is extremely rare? In fact, worldwide only 2 - 5% of people are tone deaf.

Most people who have difficulty pitching have either had their confidence shattered in early life and were convinced that they just can't sing OR they have technical issues getting in their way. Sometimes there is a pathological reason that they have difficulties.

At Aviva Singing Studio, we are trained to assess these problems and help you determine if you are truly tone deaf or if there is a way forward. Sometimes this may mean referral to a Laryngologist to investigate the health of your vocal mechanism. Sometimes you may be referred to a speech pathologist. Often, we can help.

Many people I have come across with pitch problems have big voices. Big voices are more difficult to control. They are like a spirited horse that needs taming before you can ride it but actually it has much more to offer in the end. Don't listen when someone says you don't have a good voice. Good voices often have to be unveiled. A few people are lucky and sound great without any help but the rest of us mortals need to learn how to sing.

Singing is good for the soul and it's a wonderful thing to explore the freedom it brings.

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