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Group Singing Classes

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Aviva Singing Studio is proud to be offering beginners classes at the Nerang studio.

Classes will run as a beginner's singing course for specific groups with age-appropriate repertoire and games. There will be an informal studio concert for parents in December (details TBA) and they will perform their songs alongside private students singing solos and duets.

Class numbers are strictly limited to less than 10 so your child won't be lost in a sea of voices.

Children will learn:

  • Basic breathing

  • How to warm-up 

  • singing games

  • tonic solfa

  • rhythm and beginning music theory

  • group performance skills

  • How to follow the words and rests in sheet music the cheat way


  • Lots of fun and games

What to bring?

  • your music bag

  • a bottle of water

What is provided?

  • everything else

What is in my special music bag?

  • A folder for your music

  • a pencil case with a B2 pencil, eraser, highlighter and other useful goodies for singing classes

  • Tools for theory for young singers

  • Aviva Singing Studio T-shirt for performance days

Who can come?

  • Children who want to sing but who aren't ready or can't afford private lessons.

  • Children who enjoy music and want to enjoy singing with others. 

Class Options:

  • Aviva Starlings: ages 8 - 11. More sophisticated age-appropriate songs, with some harmonies. (Wednesdays 5-6pm)

  • Aviva Dream Teens: Ages 12 - 15. Basic breathing and vocal technique. Learn about adolescent voice change and how it can affect you with useful strategies. More complex harmonies and creativity. TBA

Special classes by arrangement. If you have a group (min 6), and a venue and you want me to come to you, give me a call on 0429 871504.



How much is it?

  • Special Music Bag $40 (one-off purchase can be reused for subsequent classes)

  • Classes $180] for the 10 weeks including concert.

Where is it?

       Sunshine Bridge Education

       46 Price St


How to Register:


Click here to reserve your place

and avoid missing out.

Numbers are strictly limited.

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