Nerang Community sing

"Singing makes us smarter, healthier, happier and more creative. When we sing together, the effect is amplified"

                                       Tania deJong AM


One upon a time everyone used to sing. In church, in school, in the pub, with their children. Every week. Each week, you opened your heart and lungs and sang. You felt fabulous afterwards.  The endorphins that singing released made you feel fabulous. The singing connected you with those around you and brought harmony to the community. All communities should sing. We live in a multicultural society and should sing together regardless of background or religion.

I was having this discussion with someone at the hairdresser recently and she told me how she was looking for somewhere relaxed to just sing with other people and there wasn't anything local. She asked me to start something. I gave her my card and she emailed me that day. Wow, I thought, maybe there is a need for a local community choir. So I looked around for a suitable venue. It had to be reasonably priced as the whole point was to keep it cheap and social and fun. Not break the bank.


Nerang Community Sing was born from this. It is an inclusive gathering of local people who just want to sing. There is no need for any experience. This is not the choir for serious choir singers who want to be perfect and perform. There are many Gold Coast choirs for great choral singing. This is for the people who just love to sing but may not have musical training or confidence in their ability. Or maybe you would love to have singing lessons but don't have the money or confidence for that. 


  • If you think you can't sing but really want to, this is for you.

  • If someone has ever told you that you can't sing, this is for you.

  • If you love to sing and get together with others, this is for you.

The atmosphere is supportive, friendly and confidence building. Everyone is welcome who comes with this positive attitude.

All you need is a desire to sing and enjoy it. Tea and coffee and biscuits are provided for a little chat time. We will sing new songs from various genres each week gradually building our repertoire and have lots of laughs. 



How much?   

What to bring?  Yourself and a smile.


What to leave behind? All your troubles. Colds, Sore throats, Flu, Bad mood.


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